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Today we help thousands of sales reps in the FMCG and retail market to focus on their customers! If you use Argus, there is plenty of time left over to create more value for the customer and better relationships.

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With inspiration from all our customers, the users' everyday life and in close relationship with our strong owners Vitec Software, we have now built the next generation of Argus which is built with a hyper-modern web interface, has high security and is platform independent. We have started a journey and will become the market's most cohesive, innovative and smart sales tool for the entire sales organization within the FMCG and Retail market. Do you want to know more?

Bringing attention to your products and maintaining its relevance in the market is extremely important. By understanding your business, your needs and together with you creating effective sales processes and the right insights, we can help you make your products stand out from the crowd.
CEO Vitec Nordman, Sofia Enberg

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