How it all started

An internal CRM system for the Arvid Nordquist Group, a salesman with an entrepreneurial spirit and a PhD student in atomic physics who would rather build databases. That's how Nordman & Co started.

Make your product stand out from the crowd
We've started a journey to create new Argus that will help your product stand out from the crowd and hope you'll join us on our journey! - Sofia Enberg, CEO

Our business

At Vitec Nordman, everyone gets an opportunity to develop and our employees get to contribute to their full
potential, that's why we have loyal employees!

Vitec Nordman's most important values

Our products - our foundation

For us, it is important to take responsibility and understand our customers' business in order to continuously develop and improve our niche products. We believe in comprehensiveness, simplicity and well-founded decisions based on facts - to rely on today and tomorrow.

Trust and trasparency

The customer and joy in focus! We are open in our dialogues and always strive for a personal and long-term relationship, we value our customers' opinions highly when we develop our programs. You don't become a market leader if you don't listen to the customer's needs.

Keep it simple

We offer simple solutions in close and clear dialogue with the aim of creating value and solving the right problems for our customers. With our smart products, a complete solution, you don't need any other system than Argus. Keep it simple!