Argus CRM

We believe in completeness, simplicity and efficiency. Therefore we collected everything in the same system, a complete sales tool for you who are out in the field, working in the backend system or handling procurements with your suppliers.

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The complete sales tool

One of the market's smartest sales support, used by over a hundred sales teams in the Nordics. With Argus CRM, the sales rep is up and running quickly and has everything gathered in one tool.

Argus CRM provides a good start to the day where the sales rep has full control over planned visits, visit history, order status, campaigns and the customer visit without having to be connected to the internet.

At the end of the day, the sales reps work is transferred with a simple push of a button to the back office, where the sales manager or sales coordinator can at any time analyze the efforts of the sales team, assist with support and prepare upcoming tasks.

The sales reps software is available as an app for iPadiPhone and Windows 10.

Perfect Store - Create the right circumstances

"Perfect Store" is a store where consumers find the right products in the right place, presented in the best possible way to influence purchasing behavior.

Argus Perfect Store is set up basis on your own KPIs and is based on these being scored in different ways.

The sales rep can directly see the status of each customer and influence through various activities in store.

Argus BI - Quick follow-up

An easily manageable report tool to easily follow up the activities of the sales team and where everyone within the company can share the information. Here you can monitor visits, orders, distribution, market questions, campaign results and much more. Of course, there are various charts and smart reports built into Argus BI.

Argus PiX - Collect the sales team's photos

Argus PiX is a tool for image management with a lot of built-in functionality. Here you see the results of pictures linked to market questions or pictures linked to different tags, e.g. to compare #before and #after. In the gallery, you can select and download the images you want, as a PDF or ZIP file.

Argus PiX Companion

With the Argus PiX Companion, it's possible to take pictures and answer market questions without being connected to a sales district. Images and market questions that are answered are linked to the selected customer and can be easily followed up in Argus PiX.

Customers are displayed in distance order based on your position. Nearest store first, etc. for a time-optimized working day. You can also search for customers who are outside the local area if pictures are to be added afterwards. It is also possible to select customers from the map.

Argus Presentation - Visualize your offers

With Argus Presentation tool you can create sales presentations with pdf files, images and video clips. You can also attach articles to each slide which allows you to take orders without leaving the presentation tool!

Another much-appreciated function is to save the presentation into a proposal with suggested volumes that you then can hand over to the customer.

Tender module - Calculation program for Foodservice

Here you manage all your quotes and tenders - from start to finish. Of course with a layout and a print that the wholesalers accept. Create a quote, copy it to more customers and the prices are automatically changed to the current price lists.

With the tender module you also can import invoices, match them against your tender support, follow volumes and financial calculations and much more. A really powerful calculator!

Effective integration solutions

Vitec Nordman are experts in sales optimization. We have created many effective solutions to connect Argus, our CRM system, with different systems that our customers use.

Do you have your own BI solution or do you use another supplier? We have predefined and customizable APIs.